Turkey crisis: how will oil & gas supplies be affected?

26 Jul 2016

In a blog originally published in The Conversation, Joseph Dutton argues that while it is unlikely that the strategic nature of EU-Turkey relations will change in the foreseeable future, even if Erdogan’s government places further restrictions on society, further civil unrest or terrorism could increase political instability and threaten Turkey’s energy sector - and that Europe, which relies heavily on Turkey for its energy supplies - should be worried.

The Turkish military’s attempted coup to topple president Recep Tayyip Erdogan didn’t last long. The government restored control the following day and soon declared a three-month state of emergency, with more than 60,000 people since arrested or placed under investigation.

This isn’t just Turkey’s problem. The country’s pivotal position in the transport of oil and gas gives it huge geopolitical significance. Straddling Europe and the Middle East and providing export routes from Central Asia to the rest of the world, Turkey is an important and growing energy transit hub.

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