UKERC widely cited in BEIS Committee Report on Leaving the EU

02 May 2017

Many of the recommendations made by UKERC to the BEIS (Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) Committee's inquiry into negotiating priorities for energy and climate change policy in relation to leaving the EU hvae found their way into Committee's final report.

Antony Froggatt gave evidence on behalf of Chatham House and UKERC, in relation to the implications, and challenges, of leaving the Internal Energy Market (which could, potentially, erode our influence on EU regulatory matters) and the risks of exiting Euratom, at least before alternative arrangements and safeguards have been set in place.

The report calls on Government to 'mirror the status quo' as far as possible in the short term, so as to avoid disruption to the energy sector and the domestic climate change agenda, and provide as much stability and clarity as possible on domestic energy policy so as to support investment. It also recommends maintaining ongoing access to the Internal Energy Market, resolving the particular difficulties faced by Northern Ireland, which shares a single electricity market with the Republic of Ireland, and delaying any exit from Euratom until new arrangements have been put in place.

You can read the full report here.