• It Pays to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Business and Policy Leaders Take Note

    Network News 20 Jun 2019

    In this guest blog, Jayden Rae shares new research shedding light on how corporate action on climate change — especially in response to carbon pricing policies—influences consumer attitudes towards the company and how interested they are in being their customer.

  • EnergyREV Call for Evidence

    Network News 13 Jun 2019

    EnergyREV Call for Evidence - Energy storage and electric vehicle infrastructure

  • CREDS launches new international exchange programme

    Network News 12 Jun 2019

    The Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS) is pleased to launch the the CREDS’ Visitors: International Programme (VIP).

  • Disrupting transport sooner a “no brainer”

    Blog by Christian Brand 06 Jun 2019

    What are the impacts if the UK Government were more ambitious than the current ‘Road to Zero’ strategy? How much disruption is needed to meet climate and air quality goals? What are the potential implications for key actors in the transport energy system? UKERC researcher Christian Brand discusses.

  • Storms, cyberattacks and solar eruptions: Jim Watson features on BBC Radio 4’s The Stress Test

    Blog by David Stoker 05 Jun 2019

    The year is 2030. The UK has decarbonised. Unexpected events challenge our energy system. Are we ready? Our director Jim Watson joined a panel of experts this week on the BBC Radio 4’s The Stress Test to discuss the UK's resilience in the face of shocks.