• What We Know about Local Authority Engagement in UK Energy Systems

    Research Report by Jan Webb, Mags Tingey, David Hawkey 17 Nov 2017

    Social Scientists at the University of Edinburgh reveal that UK Local Authority energy activities focus on heat and energy efficiency for a low carbon, low energy building stock.

  • Public Engagement with Energy: broadening evidence, policy and practice.

    Briefing Paper by Tom Hargreaves, Helen Pallett, Jason Chilvers 31 Oct 2017

    This paper examines public engagement with energy in the UK. Using mapping techniques, the paper investigates instances of engagement with energy between 2010-2015.

  • Future UK Gas Security: Upstream Security of Supply

    Briefing Paper by Mike Bradshaw 16 Oct 2017

    This briefing reports the findings of the first UK Gas Security Forum, which brings together a range of stakeholders from government, business, think-tanks and academia to consider the impact of Brexit on the UK gas industry. The aim of the Forum is to inform the Brexit negotiations and the formulation of a Post-Brexit UK Gas Security Strategy.

  • Cost of Energy Review: Insights from UKERC research

    Briefing Paper by Rob Gross, Jim Watson 09 Oct 2017

    This document covers four key issues that are central to the terms of reference of the Review of Energy Costs, being undertaken by Dieter Helm.

  • Unlocking Britain's First Fuel: The potential for energy savings in UK housing

    Policy Briefing by Jan Rosenow, Pedro Guertler, Steven Sorrell, Nick Eyre 05 Sep 2017

    Energy efficiency in UK housing: a report co-authored by UKERC and CIED