• Economic impacts of UK trade-enhancing policies and spillover effects on the energy system

    Working Paper by Andrew Ross, Kim Swales, Peter McGregor, Grant Allan, Karen Turner, Graeme Roy, Gioele Figus 02 Aug 2018

    The 'spillover' effects of non-energy (primarily economic) policies on the energy system are of considerable interest from a policy perspective. This working paper analyses the impacts of export promotion policies - a key element of the UK’s Industrial Strategy.

  • Future UK Gas Security: A Position Paper

    Research Report by Mike Bradshaw 31 Jul 2018

  • Incumbency in the UK heat sector: Implications for policy

    Briefing Paper by Bridget Woodman, Richard Lowes 31 May 2018

    The required transformation of the UK’s heat system will have major implications for people and organisations involved with the sector...

  • Incumbency in the UK heat sector: implications for low-carbon heating

    Working Paper by Bridget Woodman, Richard Lowes 15 May 2018

    What are the policy implications of incumbency in the UK heat sector, and how do these impact the decarbonisation of UK heat?

  • The Security of UK Energy Futures

    Research Report by Ioanna Ketsopoulou, Jim Watson, Paul Dodds, Goran Strbac 26 Mar 2018

    Research published by UKERC explores how the security of the UK energy system will change in the coming decades.