• Disruption and Continuity in the UK Energy Transition: What do the experts think?

    Briefing Paper by Michael Kattirtzi, Mark Winskel 11 Apr 2019

    Disruption or repurposing? Expert and stakeholder views on the UK energy transition...

  • Accelerating innovation towards net zero

    Research Report by Rob Gross, Richard Hanna, Jim Watson 04 Apr 2019

    In a report published last month, UKERC academics identified how the government could achieve a net zero target cost-effectively, in a way that enables the UK to capture competitive advantages.

  • Modelling Demand-side Energy Policies for Climate Change Mitigation in the UK

    Working Paper by Phil Heptonstall, Paul Brockway, Rob Gross, Lukas Hardt, Peter Taylor, John Barrett 21 Feb 2019

    This Rapid Evidence Assessment explores how energy models that inform UK government energy policy represent energy demand and demand-side energy policies. 

  • Paying for energy transitions: public perspectives and acceptability

    Policy Briefing by Christina Demski, Nick Pidgeon 15 Jan 2019

    How does the British public feel about paying for the energy transition?

  • Review of Energy Policy: 2018

    Policy Briefing by Christina Demski, Paul Ekins, Carolyn Snell, Catherine Waddams, Grant Wilson, Jillian Anable, Jan Webb, Mike Bradshaw, Keith Bell, Jim Watson, Richard Lowes, Christian Brand, Mark Bevan 19 Dec 2018

    Read our annual Review of Energy Policy 2018...