• Disrupting the UK energy system: causes, impacts and policy implications

    Research Report 19 Jun 2019

    With government legislating for net-zero by 2050, what does this mean for UK energy markets and business models?

  • Power Shift: How to build Gender Balance in the Energy Research Portfolio

    Research Report by Jessica Britton 14 Jun 2019

    Two weeks ago we published this report on the challenge of rapidly decarbonising our energy system can’t be addressed if only half of the population is involved.

  • UKERC Response to the BEIS Consultation Designing the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund

    Consultation Response by Peter Taylor, Jim Watson 13 Jun 2019

    This summary touches on a number of introductory points about the need for industrial decarbonisation and the role of government policy.

  • Flexibility in Great Britain’s gas networks: analysis of linepack

    Briefing Paper by Grant Wilson, Paul Rowley 30 May 2019

    In May we published this briefing note providing an analysis of linepack - the amount of gas contained within the higher-pressure tiers of Britain’s gas transmission and distribution network

  • CREDS & UKERC respond to BEIS call for evidence on energy efficiency schemes for SMEs

    Consultation Response by Tina Fawcett, Sam Hampton 16 May 2019

    This response covers general issues about design of policy for energy efficiency improvement in SMEs, and offers specific evidence on Option 2: a business energy efficiency obligation.