• Future UK Gas Security: The Future Role of Gas

    Briefing Paper by Mike Bradshaw 26 Feb 2018

    How will Brexit impact the future role of gas?

  • A Transformation to Sustainable Heating in the UK: risks and opportunities

    Working Paper by Bridget Woodman, Richard Lowes 21 Feb 2018

    This working paper considers the risks and opportunities posed to UK heat sector businesses by a potential transformation towards a low-carbon heat system in the UK.

  • UKERC response to the Cost of Energy Review

    Consultation Response by Simon Gill, Rob Gross, Catherine Waddams, Aidan Rhodes, Keith Bell, Jim Watson, John Barrett 04 Jan 2018

    Read UKERC's response to the Cost of Energy Review

  • Review of Energy Policy 2017

    Briefing Paper by Christina Demski, Paul Ekins, Rob Gross, Jillian Anable, Jan Webb, Mike Bradshaw, Keith Bell, Jim Watson, Sarah Darby, John Barrett, Christian Brand, Nick Pidgeon 20 Nov 2017

    This briefing paper reviews energy policy over the past 12 months, drawing on evidence from UKERC research. With a focus on the Clean Growth Strategy it covers topics including low carbon heat, the potential implications of Brexit, energy efficiency and public engagement.

  • What We Know about Local Authority Engagement in UK Energy Systems

    Research Report by Jan Webb, Mags Tingey, David Hawkey 17 Nov 2017

    Social Scientists at the University of Edinburgh reveal that UK Local Authority energy activities focus on heat and energy efficiency for a low carbon, low energy building stock.