Bridging the gap between short-term forecasting and long-term scenario “models”, the UK Transport Carbon Model (UKTCM) is a strategic transport, energy, emissions and environmental impacts model, covering a range of transport-energy-environment issues from socio-economic and policy influences on energy demand reduction through to lifecycle carbon emissions and external costs.

Developed partly under the auspices of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) the UKTCM can be used to develop transport policy scenarios that explore the full range of technological, fiscal, regulatory and behavioural change policy interventions to meet UK climate change and energy security goals.

UK Transport Carbon Model
Using the Model

To use the model for research purposes, please contact Christian Brand at the Environmental Change Institute.  Due to its size (the complete suite of modelling databases uses about 500MB of storage space) the model can only be made available by request.  Make sure you have a license for Microsoft Access 2007.

Key Publications