Years Active: 2004-2009

The objective of the Energy Infrastructure and Supply theme was to assess and maintain the security of future energy supplies in the UK, timely and credible evaluation of the infrastructure for energy supply is essential. The Energy White Paper (2007) described the need for substantial investment in energy infrastructure during the next decade.

The overall aim of the Energy Infrastructure and Supply (EIS) theme was to research alternative development paths for future electricity and gas infrastructure in the UK. The theme was led by Professor Nick Jenkins, Director of the Centre for Integrated Renewable Energy Generation and Supply (GIREGS), Cardiff University.

Research Activity

The EIS theme focused on gas and electricity network expansion and reinforcement and on cost optimal generation capacity additions in the electricity sector. A new modelling framework was developed using an electricity generation expansion model (WASP-developed by International Atomic Energy Agency) in combination with a Combined Gas and Electricity Network model (CGEN) developed by UKERC itself. The framework evaluated the least-cost development of electricity and gas infrastructure in the UK that satisfied the future energy requirements over various time horizons under defined security and environmental constraints.

Three projects were completed during UKERC Phase I:

  • Interactions between Gas and Electricity networks
  • Development of Electricity System Infrastructure
  • Policy and Regulation of Infrastructure and Supply

Key Outputs

All the working papers and research reports produced by this theme can be found in the UKERC Publications Library.