Years Active: 2009-2014

The overall aim of the Energy Systems theme was to make a world-class contribution to energy system modelling by showing how the UK, in a range of global contexts, could achieve its carbon targets and increase its energy system resilience over the period 2020-2050, and exploring the associated economic and environmental implications.

Building on the work and in UKERC I, the Energy Systems work in UKERC II encompassed a range of qualitative and quantitative methods, specialising in formal modelling of the energy system and its relationship with the economy and the environment. The theme systematically compared complementary modelling approaches. The Energy Systems team also continued UK energy systems networking activities from Phase I, together with substantial international engagement.

New priorities for energy systems analysis included research links with the other UKERC themes, including linking energy systems models with life-cycle assessment and the valuation of ecosystem services, working with the Energy and Environment theme.

Research Tools and Models

Part of the research within the energy systems theme comprised the development and maintenance of a portfolio of energy system models. The models used at UCL are all described at the UCL Energy Institute Models website, where you can find comprehensive documentation, publications and other useful information.

Models supported by UKERC include: