Years Active: 2009-2014


This project used a novel modelling project to iteratively link an energy systems model and an input-output model, to investigate the indirect carbon impacts of key technologies and resources. By assessing different mitigations portfolios on a fuller emissions basis, UKERC will be able to investigate a “true emissions accounting” for long-term UK (-80%) CO2 target.

Further Information

The Energy Systems theme worked with John Barrett at the University of Leeds to soft-link UK TIMES energy systems model to the Multi-Region Input-Output (MRIO) model.

Energy economic models have played a key underpinning role in quantifying long term energy and emissions scenarios, and are able to consider a range of technological change, price effects, behavioural change and policy measures, and are crucially able to assess upstream/downstream and sectoral trade-offs. However they inevitably have to draw boundaries over the emissions that these models are including. To address this issue there is an equally rich modelling tradition on assessing and comparing emissions budgets on a consumption vs. production basis.  A specific application of consumption-based approaches to the UK is given in reports by SEI for DEFRA and DECC.