Years Active: 2009-2014


This project analysed the use of oil, gas and coal in the UK from 2020 through to 2050 under different global contexts, in terms of energy security, and how this might be affected by varying degrees of decarbonisation of the UK energy system; investigation of the greater use of biomass fuels for heating and transport.

Further Information

Research focussed on available volumes of unconventional resources and the production costs of both the conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources. Supply cost curves were developed to demonstrate the inherent uncertainties in the resource estimates.

The new data has been input to TIAM-UCL, together with modifications to refining and other upstream processes. The model is now ready to begin giving insights into future hydrocarbon availability and the interactions with other sectors of the global energy system under a variety of demand and carbon constrained scenarios.

Key Outputs

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