Years Active: 2009-2014


It is critical to the UK's energy security to develop a clear understanding of the geopolitical drivers, governance challenges and risks shaping current and future global gas security through to the late 2020s and beyond. To achieve this, the project has the following aims:

  • To develop a conceptual framework and methodology to analyse global gas security and governance.
  • To identify the geopolitical drivers, actors, issues and risks shaping global gas security to the late 2020s.
  • To assess their consequences for the UK’s energy strategy and low carbon transition policy.

Further Information

The project was funded by UKERC's Research Fund and was aimed at four audiences: the energy studies community; policy makers responsible for energy security, low carbon energy transition and energy governance in the UK and EU; the business community with interests in the gas industry and power generation, and social scientists working on energy security and governance issues.

A range of seminars and conference activities were organised to access these audiences and project outputs included academic journal articles aimed at the energy studies, human geography and wider social science communities, policy briefings and a book on Natural Gas.

Key Outputs

  • Shadrina, E. and Bradshaw, M. (2013) Russia’s energy governance transitions and implications for enhanced cooperation with China, Japan and South Korea, Post-Soviet Affairs, 29(6):461-499.
  • Bradshaw, M. J. (2013) Sustainability, Climate Change, and Transition in Global Energy, in Goldthau, A. (ed.) The Handbook of Global Energy Policy, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, 48-63.
  • Bradshaw M., Bridge G., Bouzarovski S., Dutton J. (2013), 'Globalising Gas': developing a GPN approach for understanding organisational and geographical integration in the international natural gas industry, (working paper)
  • Dutton J. (2013) Challenges to the Shale Gas Revolution, in Bakshi V., Milner Casgrain F. (eds.) Shale Gas: A Practitioner’s Guide to Shale Gas & Other Unconventional Resources, Globe Law & Business, London , 143-155.
  • Bradshaw, M (2012) Time to Take Our Foot Off the Gas? Gas in UK Energy Security, A Research Report for Friends of the Earth.
  • Dutton J. (2012), Public policy and public opinion on shale gas development, in Bakshi V., Milner Casgrain F. (eds.) Shale Gas: A Practitioner’s Guide to Shale Gas & Other Unconventional Resources, Globe Law & Business, London, 143-155.


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