Years Active: 2004-2009

There is a major push worldwide to innovate in areas such as nanotechnology, interface science, and materials modelling and to find applications of these developments to the major problems of engineering, medicine and the life sciences. It is timely to apply such developments to the sustainable energy.

Materials science was identified as a key cross-cutting theme and a key enabler for progress in the Energy Research Review Report. UK materials research has a recognised track record of success in many areas as highlighted in a recent review conducted by an international panel (EPSRC International Review in Materials).

The Materials for Advanced Energy Systems (MAES) theme leader was Prof John Kilner, Professor of Materials Science at Imperial College London.

Research Activity

The research work covered by this theme followed the principle of the “rational design” of materials and included laboratory-based work. The research topics of the MAES theme in UKERC Phase I included:

  • Materials for hydrogen economy, mainly including the research of materials for potential hydrogen storage and the development of intermediate temperature electrolysis cells from both oxygen ion and protonic conductors for the utilisation of waste industrial heat
  • Materials for PV, including the study of organic solar cells materials
  • Nuclear materials, including simulation of materials for application in high radiation fluxes
  • Carbon capture and storage, including the simulations of oxygen transport in layered perovskite materials and experimental work to assess ceramic composites for their suitability as membrane materials

Key Outputs

All the working papers and research reports produced by this theme can be found in the UKERC Publications Library.