The application process is designed to be simple and quick to complete. The form below asks for the contact details of the applicants, and responses to the following questions:

How much money are you applying for?

Please state if you have, or expect to have, co-funding and who the co-funding is from.

What is your proposal and how is it collaborative? (Max 250 words)

Please explain how your proposal, if funded, could provide wider value for the energy research community. (Max 250 words)

What does success look like for your project? Please also give 1-2 indicators against which your success could be measured. (Max 250 words)

Who are the key stakeholders? (Please be as specific as possible. For example, if you intend to work with colleagues in industry, academia, government, or other sector, please give their names and job titles and how you expect them to contribute. If you have worked with them previously please say so, or indicate if you will be going to them 'cold'.)