Years Active: 2004-2019

The Technology and Policy Assessment (TPA) team has been part of UKERC since the centre was established in 2004 and is now in its third phase, which started in 2014. The aim of TPA is to conduct systematic evidence reviews, supplemented by primary research and wider stakeholder engagement where required, to address contentious issues in the energy policy arena.

During Spring and early Summer 2017 the TPA team consulted with stakeholders over which projects to take forward in the remainder of Phase 3 of UKERC, which runs to the end of March 2019. The consultation process and outcomes are described in the document below. Details of each TPA project (with the most recent first) can be found under the project heading below.

UKERC TPA 2017 Topics Consulation - Final report


During this phase, the TPA team have developed an approach for rapid evidence reviews, described in the document below. TPA work has also placed greater emphasis on supporting, and integrating with, the UKERC research programme, the wider energy research community and external organisations.

Technology & Policy Assessment: Developing a rapid evidence assessment


Details of all TPA Impacts, Reports and Journals (updated Oct 2017)