UK Energy in a Global Context

30 Apr 2014

This report discusses the implications of global energy trends for the UK. It elaborates the options and choices for the UK in the light of UK energy issues and trends, and current energy infrastructures, markets and regulation. It also discusses the policies that are intended to determine the direction in which they develop.

This Research Report draws on UKERC’s research and outputs from the last five years. Although the choice of themes within the report has been influenced by the desire to showcase key UKERC research, the aim is also to present a clear picture of the options and choices facing UK policy makers and other stakeholders (including the public).

There are, of course, still many unresolved uncertainties that will affect how these options and choices develop and play out in the years ahead. Many of these are explored in detail in a companion report: UK Energy Strategies Under Uncertainty that UKERC is publishing alongside this one.