The BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Centre represents a £24M investment that increases UK bioenergy research capacity. The virtual Centre brings together world-class research groups from across 12 UK academic institutions. This creates a network with expertise and specialist resources that span the bioenergy pipeline from growing biomass to fermentation for biofuels.
Fourteen leading industrial associates bring business expertise and perspectives, and support totalling over £4M. This will help ensure that research outputs are translated into practical applications as quickly as possible.
Ensuring that bioenergy is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable is core to the Centre's programmes. Life cycle analysis embeds this across the portfolio.

Duncan Eggar

Duncan Eggar was appointed as BBSRC’s Bioenergy Champion in 2009 to develop and coordinate the work of BSBEC, as well as forging new links with national and international policymakers and other funders of sustainable bioenergy research.

Before Mr Eggar’s appointment he had a long career with BP involving extensive overseas experience. For his last eight years at BP he worked on business sustainability issues and their strategic implications; this included a two-year secondment to the UK Sustainable Development Commission.


BSBEC Management Board

The Centre is managed by the Centre Management Board (CMB) comprised of the lead PIs and chaired by the BBSRC Bioenergy Champion.
The board meets quarterly to discuss how work is progressing across the Centre and to identify and encourage further collaboration and integration.
The Board consists of:
Mr Duncan Eggar (BBSRC Bioenergy Champion)
Dr Angela Karp (Lead – Perennial Biomass Programme)
Professor Paul Dupree (Lead – Cell Wall Sugars Programme)
Professor Claire Halpin (Lead – Cell Wall Lignin Programme)
Professor Greg Tucker (Lead – LACE Programme)
Professor Nigel Minton (Lead - Second Generation Sustainable Bacterial Biofuels Programme)
Professor Simon McQueen-Mason (Lead - Marine Wood Borer Enzyme Discovery Programme)

Dr Michael Booth 


Outreach Group

The BSBEC Outreach Group advises BBSRC and BSBEC on communication and public engagement around bioenergy. Membership of the group is drawn from across BSBEC and includes external stakeholders.

The diverse expertise of the group includes representation from:
•    University of Cambridge (BSBEC Lead Institution)
•    University of Dundee (BSBEC Lead Institution)
•    University of Nottingham (BSBEC Lead Institution)
•    Rothamsted Research (BSBEC Lead Institution)
•    University of York (BSBEC Lead Institution)
•    Dingwall Enterprises
•    NFU
•    RSPB
•    TMO Renewables

The group works with the BBSRC Bioscience for Society Strategy Panel through joint membership.

Patrick Middleton
tel: 01793 413368
fax: 01793 413382


BSBEC Science and Impact Advisory Board (SIAB)

The Science and Impact Advisory Board (SIAB) of the BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Centre (BSBEC) is the main external advisory body to BSBEC and to BBSRC on the activities and progress of BSBEC.
The role of the SIAB can be defined as providing scientific advice and direction to BSBEC and BBSRC by:
• Reviewing the progress of the science and impact of BSBEC on an annual basis, and more frequently if required
• Identifying concerns associated with the BSBEC research programmes and identify appropriate actions
•  Identifying concerns in the wider bioenergy arena that may have an impact on the BSBEC research programmes and suggest appropriate actions
•  Advising BBSRC and the Bioenergy Champion of any other concerns about the progress or direction of BSBEC
•  Confirming with the Centre Management Board (CMB) the scientific direction and relevance of the research programmes and where appropriate recommending changes
The Board consists of:

Dr Richard Flavell, (Chair) Ceres, Inc. California (USA)

Professor Nicholas Carpita, Purdue University (USA)

Professor Brian H. Davison, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

Mr Duncan Eggar, BBSRC Bioenergy Champion

Dr Michael Himmel, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USA)

Professor Peter Fryer, University of Birmingham (BBSRC Council Member)

Professor Keith Lindsey, Durham University (BBSRC Council Member)

ProfessorDominic Moran, Scottish Agricultural College

Professor John Snape, John Innes Centre

Dr Michael Booth