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Welcome to the Network of Energy Centres for Doctoral Training

Delivering world class research skills and knowledge to transform the future of energy

Our mission is to provide an environment for leaders in UK energy research and training to share expertise, stimulate collaboration and develop the personnel who will transform the future of energy.

About Us

The Energy CDT Network draws the 13 Energy Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) together to collaborate on training programmes and research projects, share best practice and communicate their work to the public. Read more about the aims of the Network.

cropped image The Network was launched at Durham University on 31st October 2011 and is led by Professors Colin Snape (University of Nottingham) and Paul Williams (University of Leeds). Network activities are managed by two personnel; Dr Donna Palmer, Network Manager (based in Nottingham) and Nicola Smith, Public Engagement Manager (based in Leeds).

There is a large and varied research portfolio within the Network; covering all areas of energy technology from wind power to nuclear energy, carbon capture to demand reduction and marine energy to alternative fuels. The training of these future leaders will help the UK to meet its CO2 emissions targets and fulfil its commitment to creating a low carbon economy. Find out about the opportunities available for prospective students and industry.


RCUK energy logo 13 Energy CDTs, represent over £60 million of investment by the Research Councils UK (RCUK) and over 600 early career researchers.

Each centre is funded by the EPSRC and has leading expertise in energy related research and training to develop postgraduate students over a four-year programme. The training of these future leaders will enable the UK to meet the great sustainability challenges of the 21st century and fulfil its commitment to creating a low carbon economy.

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