8th BIEE Academic Conference




in association with
UK Energy Research Centre

St. John's College, Oxford, England

22-23 September 2010

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On behalf of the British Institute of Energy Economics and UK Energy Research Centre, it is our pleasure to announce the 8th BIEE Academic Conference Energy in a low carbon economy: new roles for governments and markets  which will be held at St. John’s College in Oxford on the 22-23 September 2010.

The conference theme

For the past two decades, European energy policy has been based on the belief that markets are best able to provide secure supplies of energy at lowest cost. As a consequence, Governments have, to varying degrees, delegated the responsibility for the provision of energy to industry.  Now that the participants are facing large investment programmes, on account of ageing asset replacement and targets for renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions, many are questioning whether these companies will be willing or able to make the necessary investments. After all, economic theory may suggest that “markets” are superior, but it is financial considerations, not economics, that determines whether assets get built.

This conference will examine whether the need to consider the economic and financial issues raised by different policy measures could, or should, have implications for the design of the policy instruments required to meet the new energy economy. To this end, the conference will bring together senior level speakers from energy industries, academia, financial institutions and policy makers from the UK, Europe and the US. The conference will endeavour to shed some light on the decision making processes adopted at senior levels in Government and Industry.

Student participation is sought in the main conference and via the “Research Roadshow”; a highly interactive event in which students can set up a stall around a poster and present the key results of their recent academic work in a series of short sessions, including instant questions and feedback from the conference audience.

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