School Design Futures

27-28 April, St. Hugh's College Oxford 

This workshop, part of a series of four events, aims to look beyond new technologies in school design and to consider what can be learned from educational history and philosophy in the context of reducing consumption and changing behaviour.

Specific objectives were to:

    1. Identify how school communities and community initiatives might start to shape energy company policy and innovation and government policy in energy demand;
    2. Discover ways to foster notions of consuming less and aspiring differently which present a barrier to lifestyle change;
    3. Explore the limits of change possible within schools and within school design in the move towards low carbon economies.



Workshop report


Context Setting

Dr Andrea Wheeler, Department of Civil and Building Engineering, The University of Loughborough
- Video presentation

The Sustainable School: examining assumptions about young people’s motivations, interests and knowledge
Professor William Scott, Director for the Centre for Research in Education and the Environment, University of Bath.
- Video presentation
Sustainable Schools: Teaching beyond Sustainable Consumption
John Huckle, Teacher Trainer and Consultant on Education for Sustainability

Children and young people as protagonists in creating sustainable schools
Harry Shier, CESESMA, San Ramón, Matagalpa,Nicaragua
- Video presentation

Students' experiences of involvement in school design – glimmers of success and barriers to participation
Rosie Parnell, Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield School of Architecture
Change ‘because of’ or Change ‘in spite of’? Motivations versus barriers in a New Zealand school; EfS design example
Sue Wake, Lecturer, Unitec, New Zealand (Pre-recorded Presentation)

Our Kids Live, Learn and Act in the World
 Leslie Safran Barson, The Otherwise Club ( no powerpoint but will be available as podcast soon)
Motivations and Barriers to Transforming Behaviours in Higher Education: Are our Sustainability Strategies Working?

Janice Yelland-Sutcliffe, Engineering Outreach and Sustainability Champion, University of Nottingham, School of Engineering
- Video presentation

Personal Perspective and Expectations
Pamela Wooler, Newcastle University
- Video presentation

Interviews with Andrea Wheeler: