Energy Scenarios and Modelling: Advancing the 'Grand Challenge' of a Low Carbon Economy

7th July 2010
Broadway House, London


A workshop to bring together experts and stakeholders to build, maintain and deliver on energy scenarios and modelling in the UK, with the objectives to:
1.Take stock of current modelling and scenarios work in the UK;
2.Address the gap between policy needs and modelling capability;
3.Determine how to build and maintain modelling capacity; and
4.Identify processes to take modelling and scenarios work in the UK forward.

This workshop follows on from a UKERC workshop on Energy Scenarios and Modelling which took place 18-19 February 2010 in Oxford. The February workshop addressed the capability of the research community and began the process of providing a better understanding of the requirements of the policy process.


Attendee list

Workshop report


Jim Skea,  UK Energy Research Centre Conclusions of the Oxford Scenarios and Modelling Workshop 
Jonathan Radcliffe, Energy Research Partnership UK Energy Scenarios and Modelling LandscapeAn overview of the current energy modelling and scenarios work in the UK
Neil Strachan, University College London 
An Academic Perspective
Marjorie Roome, UK Department of Energy and Climate Change The Policy-making Perspective


Panel Discussion: Energy Scenarios and Modelling in the UK – What is Needed 

Chair: David Mackay, DECC Chief Scientific Advisor
Jonathan Brearley, UK Department of Energy and Climate Change
Jack Barnes, Shell

Ben Hobbs, University of Cambridge & John Hopkins University
Keith Allott, WWF-UK
Andrew Nind, Poyry