UKERC Research


What do we know? A few of the insights arising from UKERC research.

We carry out world-class research into sustainable future energy systems. This research is interdisciplinary and takes a whole systems approach to inform UK policy development and UK research strategy.

All UKERC outputs are available to download from our Publications Catalogue.


UKERC Research Programme and Research Fund

The third phase of UKERC will focus on the increasingly contested and uncertain nature of energy system change; this will include a core research programme and a flexible Research Fund. The fund will increase the breadth and depth of UKERC's research programme, provide resources to strengthen UKERC's links with other important research centres, and will ensure that UKERC is more inclusive. The UKERC research programme will be expanded by a number of separately commissioned Research Challenges, the first of which will focus on valuing natural capital in low carbon pathways.

UKERC's core research programme will focus on six research themes:


UKERC Phase I 2004-2009

New theme base images UKERC was established in 2004 with five years' funding. During this first phase of activity, the Centre organised its research into the following themes:

The most ambitious cross-theme project was UKERC Energy 2050, launched in April 2009.

The report addressed two of the Government's toughest energy policy goals; delivering reliable energy to consumers while meeting its legal commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050. An Earthscan book has now been published, based on the work of the Energy 2050 project.


UKERC Phase II 2009-2014

In the second phase of UKERC research objectives were addressed within five broad themes, within which were a number of co-ordinated, interdisciplinary projects:

Download our Research Outline for an overview of UKERC research activity for 2009-2014.

UKERC Phase II Flagship Projects

UKERC Phase II Research was integrated into two distinct but overlapping projects Energy Strategy Under Uncertainty and UK Energy in a Global Context.

Both addressed decision making and policy implementation to 2030, but with regard for the UK and international community's longer term energy and climate policy objectives and ambitions. More information on the flagship projects can be found here.

If you have any questions on our research activity, call +44 (0) 20 7594 1574 or email ioanna.ketsopoulou@ukerc.ac.uk.