Energy Demand

Theme Leader: Dr Nick Eyre, University of Oxford


The demand for energy is the driver of the whole energy system, influencing not only the total amount of energy used, but also the location, type of fuel and characteristics of the end use technology.  

Studying energy demand is therefore inherently inter-disciplinary – it requires an understanding of:
  • the lifestyle and social drivers of the demand for energy services
  • the changing technologies at the point of energy use
  • the institutional and policies frameworks within which technical and social decisions are made
  • the interactions between all of these.
Energy systems face increasing pressures from many directions, most notably for a rapid transition to a secure, low carbon energy system. Understanding the role of energy demand in these changes is therefore an increasing priority.
The objectives of the theme are to research how socio-economic and technical change affect energy demand in the UK, and to apply this to the need for more radical change to respond to climate and energy security challenges. 
Meet the Team.


Research projects

The Energy Demand team is currently working on the following projects:

  • Energy Use in Industry, Key Contact: Geoff Hammond (University of Bath)
  • Energy Use in Buildings, Key Contact: Bob Lowe (University College, London) and Katy Janda (University of Oxford) 
  • Energy Use in Transport, Key Contact: Jillian Anable (University of Aberdeen) 
  • Energy Modelling, Key Contact: Christian Brand (University of Oxford) 
  • Cross-Cutting Research, Key Contact: Nick Eyre (University of Oxford) 
  • UNLOC - Understanding Local and Community Governance of Energy, Key Contact: Yacob Mulugetta (University of Surrey) 
  • EnGAGE Scotland, Key contact: Elizabeth Bomberg (University of Edinburgh)
  • New Media, public beliefs and behaviours, Key contact: Greg Philo (Glasgow University)
  • Bottom-Up Industrial Energy Use, Key Contact: Geoff Hammond (University of Bath)
  • Disaggerated scenarios for demand studies, Key contact: Steven Firth (Loughborough University)
  • Future role of thermal energy storage, Key Contact: Philip Eames (Loughborough University)
  • Value Propositions for Energy efficient Renovation Decisions (VERD), Key Contact: George Chryssochoidis (University of East Anglia)

Further details of the research projects under the Energy Demand theme can be found at the Research Projects page.  

Information on UKERC Phase I (April 2004 - April 2009) activity can be found here.  For all UKERC research outputs, see the Publications Catalogue.


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