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Q: When is the application deadline?

A: Conference applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We suggest you apply six months in advance for workshops, 9-12 months for a large conference. We can accept shorter run-up times if we have staff available. Note that we have an annual conference and summer school in late June/early July every year and will be unable to accept events during this time.


Q: How long does it take to make a decision on an application?

A: We aim to provide you with a decision on your application in 4-6 weeks.

Q. Does the Meeting Place only hold events in Oxford?

A. No, the Meeting Place is able to hold an event anywhere within the UK. Our preference for Oxford is the wide availability of venues at good rates in a ‘retreat-style’ location. Where there is a good reason for another location we are happy to oblige. For example, London may be preferable for policy-oriented events, where engagement with civil servants based in London is required.


Q: Does the Meeting Place encourage international participation?

A: Absolutely. We encourage international participation where there is a demonstrated opportunity to share knowledge and research with UK participants.


Q: Can we apply to hold a series of meetings?

A: In exceptional circumstances, we can support a series of events. The proposer will have to demonstrate the need for more than one meeting and show how the value of outputs and outcomes will be enhanced by a series.

Q. What kind of outputs do you require?

A. While each event will have different output requirements, we do look for results which are significant and appropriate for the intended audiences. This may include, for example, policy papers, technical papers, conference proceedings, papers for a journal, a special issue of a journal, an edited book, a research agenda, a research roadmap, etc.

Q. Do you accept applications from outside of the UK?

A. All Meeting Place-supported activities must demonstrate direct benefits to the UK energy research community. As such, it is essential that a strong partnership exists within the UK. While it is acceptable for an organisation outside of the UK to be part of an application, the lead applicant must be based in the UK. Should you require assistance in identifying a UK partner, please contact Jennifer Otoadese by email:

Q. Do you co-sponsor events?

A. The Meeting Place is happy to co-sponsor events with single or multiple partners. As a professional event service-provider, Meeting Place involvement is conditional on being actively involved in over-seeing the planning and implementation of events for which it supports. We are unable to provide financial support without being involved in steering the design of the event and participating on-site to oversee implementation.

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