This project will focus on the energy implications of transport. Previous UKERC research includes modelling energy supply and demand in transport through the UK Transport Carbon Model (UKTCM) (Brand et al. 2012) and car purchasing behaviour (Brand et al. 2013; Morton 2013). This project will incorporate how transport decision-making varies across individual (choice modelling), organisational (agent based modelling) and policy (e.g. multi-criteria decision analysis) levels, and how these impact on energy systems. This will enable specific policy questions about climate mitigation and energy security to be addressed.  This research will involve collaboration with the DEMAND EUED Centre and Aberdeen University focusing on the dynamic interaction between new technology and changes in car usage patterns. The UKTCM will be developed to integrate possible fuel supply changes, notably unconventional oil and gas (in collaboration with the Resources and Vectors programme) and explore incorporation into Integrated Assessment Models.

Beyond dieselgate: the implications on unaccounted and future air pollutant emissions and energy use for cars in the United Kingdom, by Christian Brand